Science Outputs

Identifying Near-Perfect Tunneling in Discrete Metamaterial Loaded Waveguides

Electronics, Vol. 8, 84


Mu-negative and epsilon-negative loaded waveguides taken on their own are nominally cut-off. In ideal circumstances, and when paired in the correct proportions, tunneling will occur. However, due to losses and constraints imposed by finite-sized constituent elements, the ability to experimentally demonstrate tunneling may be hindered. A tunnel identification method has been developed and demonstrated to reveal tunneling behavior that is otherwise obscured. Using ABCD (voltage-current transmission) matrix formulation, the S-parameters of the mu-negative/epsilon-negative loaded waveguide junction is combined with S-parameters of an epsilon-negative loaded waveguide. The method yields symmetric scattering matrices, which allows the effect of losses to be removed to provide yet clearer identification of tunneling.