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Bayesian chemistry-assisted hydrograph separation (BACH) and nutrient load partitioning from monthly stream phosphorus and nitrogen concentrations

Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment

Woodward, S. J. R., Stenger, R. Sep, 2018

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Effect of Shoot Scattering on a Grape-Yield Radar

Conference on Antenna Measurements & Applications (CAMA 2018), Vasteras, Sweden

Platt, I., Eccleston, K. W., Tan A. E. C., Woodhead, I. Sep, 2018

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The influence of a flood event on the potential sediment control of baseflow phosphorus concentrations in an intensive agricultural catchment

Journal of Soils and Sediments

McDowell, R. W., Simpson, Z. P., Stenger, R., Depree, C. Jun, 2018

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Unlocking the potential of indigenous owned genetic resources in Aotearoa (New Zealand): Engagement of Trichoderma researchers with New Zealand Maori

15th International Trichoderma and Gliocladium Workshop, Salamanca, Spain

Fuller, R. J. M., Hill, R. A., Stewart, A., George, M., Weld, R. J., Steyaert, J. M. Jun, 2018

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Omics technologies as tools to understand Trichoderma communication with plant roots

15th International Trichoderma and Gliocladium Workshop, Salamanca, Spain

Lawry, R., Nogueira-Lopez, G., Nieto-Jacobo, M. F., Castaneda-Casasola, C., Padilla-Arizmendi, F., Li, J. H., Rostas, M., Brown, C., Greenwood, D., Stewart, A., Anducho, M. A., Steyaert, J. M., Mendoza-Mendoza, A. Jun, 2018

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Non-Diffracting Beams for Moisture Measurement

12th ISEMA conference, Lublin, Poland

Woodhead, I., Platt, I., Tan, A. E. C., Eccleston, K. W. Jun, 2018

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