Science Outputs

A new interpretation of through-line deembedding

IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, Vol. 64 (11), 3887-3893

Eccelston, K.W. Nov, 2017

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A Monte Carlo Approach to Determining Bessel Beam Source Parameters

ICST2016 conference

Woodhead, I., Platt, I., Tan, A.E.C, and Eccleston,K. Nov, 2016

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Optimal design of multi-type groundwater monitoring networks using easily accessible tools

Groundwater, Vol. 54 (6), 861–870

Wöhling, T., Geiges, A., Nowak, W. Nov, 2016

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Polarization control of aperture coupled circular patch antennas

IEEE Conference on Antennas Measurements and Applications, Syracruse, USA

Tan, A.E., Riding, P.A., Eccleston, K.W., Platt, I.G., Woodhead, I.M. Oct, 2016

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SIW Distributed Amplifier: Analysis, Prospects and Challenges

IEEE MTT-S International Conference 2016, Beijing, China

Eccleston, K.W. Jul, 2016

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Discharge Coefficients of Flat-Fan Nozzles

ASABE conference 2016, Orlando, USA

Post, S., Roten, R., and Connell, R. Jul, 2016

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