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SIW Distributed Amplifier: Analysis, Prospects and Challenges

IEEE MTT-S International Conference 2016, Beijing, China

Eccleston, K.W. Jul, 2016

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Effect of Surface Roughness and Vegetation on the Proximal Soil Moisture Sensor

ISEMA conference 2016, Florence, Italy

Tan, A.E.C, Richards, S., Platt, I., Woodhead, I. May, 2016

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A dieletric model for composite materials

ISEMA conference 2016, Florence, Italy

Woodhead, I., Platt, I., Tan, A.E.C, May, 2016

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Imaging and Parameterizing Moisture in Road Sub Course Using Time Domain Reflectometry

IEEE Sensors Journal, Vol. 16 (12), 4760 - 4766

Platt, I., Woodhead, I., Harrington P., Tan, A.E.C. Apr, 2016

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Predicting groundwater redox status on a regional scale using linear discriminant analysis

Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, Vol. 191, 19-32

Close, M.E., Abraham, P., Humphries, B., Lilburne, L., Cuthill, T., Wilson, S. Apr, 2016

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Uncertainty in the modelling of spatial and temporal patterns of shallow groundwater flow paths: The role of geological and hydrological site information

Hydrological Processes, Vol. 534, 680-694

Woodward, S.J.R., Wöhling, T., Stenger, R. Mar, 2016

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