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The Design of a UAV Mounted Snow Depth Radar - Results of Measurements on Antarctic Sea Ice

2017 IEEE Conference on Antenna Measurements and Applications (CAMA)

Tan, A.E., Riding, P.A., Eccleston, K.W., Platt, I.G., Woodhead, I.M. ,

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Microwave Modeling and Experiments for Non-Destructive Control Improved Quality of frui

2017 IEEE Conference on Antenna Measurements and Applications (CAMA)

Jawad,H., Lanteri,J., Migliaccio,C., Pichot,C., Platt,I., Tan,A., Eccleston,K., Woodhead,I. ,

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Understanding the linkage between hydrological and chemical signatures at catchment outlets and dominant contaminant transfer pathways

Integrating Multiple Aquatic Values (IMAV2017)

R. Stenger ,

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Verification of Extended Through-Line Deembedding

2017 Asia Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC2017)

K. W. Eccleston ,

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Fully-Printed S-band SRR/Wire NRI Lens with Reduced Wire Density

6th Asia Pacific Conference on Antennas and Propagation (APCAP2017), 3p

K. W. Eccleston, I. G. Platt, A. E.-C. Tan and I. M. Woodhead ,

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Urine patch detection using LiDAR & RPAS/UAV produced photogrammetry

PAANZ Conference

Roten,R,L., Fourie,J., Owens,J., Trethewey,J., Ekanayake,D., Werner,A., Irie,K., Hagedorn.M., Cameron,K. ,

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