Lincoln Agritech licenses technology to CertusBio


Mar, 2016

Lincoln Agritech licenses lactose biosensor technology to CertusBio

A Christchurch-based start-up company, CertusBio, has recently completed two licence agreements with Lincoln Agritech. CertusBio develops innovative process control systems to monitor industrial, agricultural and environmental processes. The licensing deal includes Lincoln Agritech’s lactose biosensor and rapid Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) monitoring technologies.

CertusBio aims to complete industrial validation trials of the two technologies in 2016. The lactose biosensor will be used in the dairy processing industry to monitor lactose levels in waste streams. The technology has both commercial and environmental appeal to the dairy industry. The BOD technology will be implemented in wastewater treatment plants. BOD is a measure of the amount of oxygen consumed during microbial metabolism of organic compounds in water. The technology can rapidly measure BOD levels providing operators with information to assist in process control of the wastewater plant.

The licence agreements will help CertusBio to achieve its mission of being a market leading company that provides its customers with the tools to improve their processes for long-term benefits.

For more information about CertusBio, contact Matthew Jones on or 021-963-161.


Lincoln Agritech licenses technology to CertusBio