Phase Doppler Interferometer – Measurement of Droplet Sizes

Phase Doppler Interferometer – Measurement of Droplet Sizes

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Lincoln Agritech has a strong background in providing field study measurement and modelling of spray drift patterns and exposure risks for agrichemical companies, landowners and regional authorities. Its work has been used by a number of regional councils in New Zealand as well as international organisations, to assess and mitigate spray drift exposure through no-spray buffer zones and to develop regulations to prevent harmful exposure to humans and the environment from effluent and waste-water drift. These capabilities in conducting field trials and analysing spray drift exposure were made possible by using a US-designed and specifically commissioned Phase Doppler Interferometer (PDI).

Lincoln Agritech’s customised PDI system is based on light refraction physics and significantly improves the quality of scientific analysis. The PDI can collect data in real-time and is a non-invasive method to measure the velocity, volume flux, and size of individual droplets. The PDI system reduces sampling time and is effective working in harsh dusty environments. This custom technology uniquely ignores readings from solid dust particles and only measures liquid droplets.

Beyond the agricultural setting, Lincoln Agritech’s PDI system can be used to measure droplets in a variety of spray applications for other industries including the petrochemical sector and for medical applications – such as fuel sprays, nebulizers, medical inhalers, or water droplet sizing for humidification.

To discuss Lincoln Agritech’s work and capabilities in droplet measurement, sizing, and exposure modelling, please contact Dr Scott Post on 03 325 3700 or