HydroMetrics GW50 Groundwater Nitrate Sensor

HydroMetrics GW50 Groundwater Nitrate Sensor

Lincoln Agritech has developed the HydroMetrics GW50 groundwater nitrate sensor. This product is now commercially available. 

The HydroMetrics GW50 sensor is a low-cost solution capable of measuring the concentration of nitrates in real-time. Compared to other low-cost nitrate sensors, this is based on optical technology thus reducing servicing and calibration requirements. After successfully producing excellent results in rigorous field trials, the nitrate sensors are now available for sale.

Many countries around the world are in the process of adopting nitrate caps via nitrogen discharge allowances to manage nitrate losses into freshwater bodies and groundwater drinking supplies from agricultural production.

One area that remains unclear is how nitrate losses will be reliably measured to monitor and enforce these limits. Current approaches are principally based on modelling, rather than direct measurement of nitrate losses, as options such as regular physical sampling or real-time sensors are too expensive to be scalable.

To learn more about this product, visit www.hydrometrics.co.nz or go to the LinkedIn product page.

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