IRRICAD Irrigation Design Software

IRRICAD Irrigation Design Software

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Established in 1988, today IRRICAD is distributed globally and is sold to over 80 countries across multiple continents including Australasia, the North and South Americas, Europe, Middle Eastern regions and Asia.

IRRICAD is a fully integrated software design tool used to design pressurised irrigation systems. This CAD software can assist in: layout design, calculate pipe size and hydraulic requirements, itemise and produce bill of material reports and plot/ print professional plans.

It has been used to design irrigation for many industries including:

  • Crop growing
  • Orchards
  • Vineyards
  • Greenhouses
  • Residential / commercial areas
  • Recreation areas, theme parks and golf courses

Hydraulic design and analysis

The program is easy to navigate and provides accurate hydraulic reports and designs. IRRICAD will flag warnings when velocity settings, pressure ranges or pressure ratings are exceeded.


  • Powerful pipe sizing algorithms
  • Ability to perform hydraulic analysis on large and complex systems (including looped)
  • Flexible specification of system operation (valve management)
  • Ability to create alternative combinations of designs (control valve groups) to analyse and arrive at the most economical or practical grouping

Commercial benefits

IRRICAD is a fundamental tool used by many international irrigation design companies and irrigation equipment suppliers.

Product benefits include:

  • Fast design and accurate outputs
  • Ability to do multiple designs – allowing the user to do multiple designs easily, enabling the user to provide the customer with multiple options
  • Rapid analysis of complex hydraulic systems
  • Allows electronic exchange of information and easy sharing of information
  • Ability for irrigation designs to be to modified by other IRRICAD users
  • Saves and records management and bill of materials

The program is currently available in eight different languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Hebrew and Portuguese.


Download the IRRICAD fact sheets here: