ColourStick - Colour Grading

ColourStick - Colour Grading

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Lincoln Agritech has devised a novel colorimeter for produce and meat grading which provides the benefits of accurate, and low-cost colour measurement and grading for produce and meat, with improved resilience to the variability and wet surface reflections commonly encountered in these products. The technology is robust for use in a typical pack house use and its single button operation provides intuitive operator control.

The current commercial units are custom calibrated for kiwifruit use and have been marketed through Zespri for two seasons as a tool to grade fruit in pack houses and understand ripening parameters for the kiwifruit on vessel, during shipping.

The technology was selected as it provides excellent colour / hue accuracy due to the orientation and calibration of the LED light sources, colour sensors, and custom software; while costing around 1/10th of higher end portable colorimetry solutions.

The ColourStick can be customised for new applications upon request and Lincoln Agritech would welcome the opportunity to discuss your colour grading needs.