Bluelab Sensor

Bluelab Sensor

Lincoln Agritech was commissioned by Bluelab, a Tauranga based manufacturing company that provides New Zealand designed and manufactured equipment for the global hydroponics industry, to assist in design and prototyping of a handheld moisture probe.

The handheld meter was specifically designed for use in the hydroponics and horticultural industries and measures moisture levels, soil conductivity (which correlates to nutrient levels) and temperature. Lincoln Agritech provided technical know-how, electronic design, and underlying software concepts so the meter could work in various solid or liquid phase growth mediums; for example, potting mixes and nutrient solutions.

Bluelab further developed the prototype technology to commercialisation stage, adding Bluetooth connectivity, designing the sensor aesthetics and accompanying mobile phone app.

Launched as Pulse, this 3-in-1 meter measures moisture, conductivity and temperature. Available internationally from July 2019, this sensor provides fast accurate root zone measurements, sending data directly to mobile phones, thus enabling the precise management of crop health.

Jono Jones, Bluelab’s Head of Innovation and Strategy, says ‘sales of the device have exceeded expectations and we are very pleased with the outcome of the technology’.


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