Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson


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MSc Scott joined Lincoln Agritech in late 2012 from the Otago Regional Council.

He is a hydrogeologist with an MSc from Victoria University, Wellington. Scott has extensive geological and hydrological experience, gained in his previous jobs with regional and district councils, in the mining industry, and as an independent consultant.

Scott will be contributing to our Groundwater Assimilative Capacity research, but also pursuing other research and consulting projects, which will be benefitting from Scott’s strong client relationship skills.

Scott’s areas of expertise include:

  • Conceptual and numerical modeling of groundwater systems
  • Groundwater quality investigations
  • Groundwater-surface water interaction
  • Geophysical groundwater investigations

Recent Projects

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Achieving unbiased predictions of national-scale groundwater redox conditions via data oversampling and statistical learning

Wilson, S.R., Close, M.E., Abraham, P., Sarris, T.s., Banasiak, L., Stenger, R., Hadfield, J. Nov, 2019

Comparison of four learning-based methods for predicting groundwater redox status

Friedel, M.J., Wilson, S.R., Close, M.E., Buscema, M., Abraham, P., Banasiak, L. Oct, 2019

Estimating nitrate transit times in the vadose zone in two contrasting regions in New Zealand

Wilson, S. Jun, 2019

Applying linear discriminant analysis to predict groundwater redox conditions conducive to denitrification

Wilson, S. R., Close, M. E., Abraham, P. Jan, 2018

The hydrological regime of the Wairau River Aquifer, New Zealand: Detecting change using uncertain data

Wöhling, T., Gosses, M., Wilson, S., Wadsworth, V., Davidson, P. Apr, 2017

Predicting groundwater redox status on a regional scale using linear discriminant analysis

Close, M. E., Abraham, P., Humphries, B., Lilburne, L., Cuthill, T., Wilson, S. Apr, 2016

Conceptualization of groundwater recharge from a braided river: The Wairau Fan

Wilson, S. R., Davidson, P., Wöhling, T. Nov, 2015