Kim Eccleston

Kim Eccleston

Research Scientist

BE (Electronic Engineering), PhD (Electrical Engineering)

Office +64 3 325 3700

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Kim was awarded a Bachelor of Engineering with distinction from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 1986, and obtained his PhD from the University of Queensland in 1991. From 1990 to 1992, Kim moved to Adelaide to work as a Research Scientist at the Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australian Department of Defence.

Kim entered academia in 1992; first at the National University of Singapore (1992-2004) and then at the University of Canterbury (2005-2014). He taught a wide range of courses including analogue and digital electronics, microwave electronics, electromagnetics, statistics, and reliability engineering. Kim currently maintains an adjunct appointment at the University of Canterbury.

Kim joined Lincoln Agritech in 2016; where he will continue to conduct research in the general domain of microwave engineering. He has published over 25 refereed journal papers, and presented over 45 papers at international conferences. Kim was the Technical Program Co-Chair of the IEEE 2011 Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference, and was a member of the IEEE 1999 Asia–Pacific Microwave Conference organizing committee.

Kim's research interests include:

  • Microwave passive and active circuits
  • Microwave electromagnetic structures
  • Microwave measurements

Recent Projects

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Printed NRI Metamaterial Based on Broad-Side-Coupled SRRs and a Thinned Array of Strips

Eccleston, K. W., Platt, I. Dec, 2016

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SIW Distributed Amplifier: Analysis, Prospects and Challenges

Eccleston, K. W. Jul, 2016

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Progress in SIW Distributed Amplifiers

Eccleston, K. W. Feb, 2016

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Polarization control of aperture coupled circular patch antennas

Tan, A. E., Riding, P. A., Eccleston, K. W., Platt, I. G., Woodhead, I. M. Oct, 2016

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A new interpretation of through-line deembedding

Eccelston, K. W. Nov, 2016

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The Design of a UAV Mounted Snow Depth Radar - Results of Measurements on Antarctic Sea Ice

Tan, A. E. C., Riding, P. A., Eccleston, K. W., Platt, I., Woodhead, I. Dec, 2017

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Microwave Modeling and Experiments for Non-Destructive Control Improved Quality of fruit

Jawad, H., Lanteri, J., Migliaccio, C., Pichot, C., Platt, I., Tan, A. E. C., Eccleston, K. W., Woodhead, I. Dec, 2017

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Fully-Printed S-band SRR/Wire NRI Lens with Reduced Wire Density

Eccleston, K. W., Platt, I. G., Tan, A. E.-C., Woodhead, I. M. Oct, 2017

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Verification of Extended Through-Line Deembedding

Eccleston, K. W. Nov, 2017

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SAR for Grape Bunch Detection in Vineyards

Eccleston, K. W., Platt, I. G., Tan, A. E. C. Feb, 2018

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Non-Diffracting Beams for Moisture Measurement

Woodhead, I., Platt, I., Tan, A. E. C., Eccleston, K. W. Jun, 2018

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Effect of Shoot Scattering on a Grape-Yield Radar

Platt, I., Eccleston, K. W., Tan A. E. C., Woodhead, I. Sep, 2018

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First application of a newly developed drone radar for snow on sea ice

Rack, W., Tan, A. E. C., McCulloch, J., Platt, I., Eccleston, K., Woodhead, I. Apr, 2018

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Microwave Measurements of Snow over Sea-Ice in Antarctica

Tan, A. E. C., Eccleston, K. W., Platt, I., Woodhead, I., Rack, W., McCulloch, J. Jun, 2018

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