Juliet Clague

Juliet Clague


BSc (Tech), MAppSc (Hons), PhD,

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Juliet has a PhD in Soil Science from Lincoln University. She joined Lincoln Agritech in Hamilton in 2006 as a Science Technician and has since then contributed with field and laboratory work to Lincoln Agritech’s vadose zone and groundwater research.

Her PhD project, funded through the MBIE ‘Groundwater Assimilative Capacity’ programme, focussed on nitrate attenuation in shallow groundwater systems. Her project used isotopic methods and N gas (N2O, N2) production measurements to locate zones conducive to denitrification, quantify denitrification and identify the electron donors involved. Her work in this area continues and is focussed on applying these techniques to new catchments with different hydrogeological characteristics.

Her particular focus is the use of various methods to:

  • Locate zones conducive to denitrification
  • Quantify denitrification
  • Identify the electron donors involved

Academic and Professional History:

  • 2014-present – Scientist, Lincoln Agritech Ltd, Hamilton
  • 2009-2014 – Science Technician and PhD student, Lincoln Ventures Ltd & Lincoln University
  • 2006-2009 – Science Technician, Lincoln Ventures Ltd, Hamilton
  • 2004-2005 – MSc, Massey University
  • 2003-2004 – Sample Preparation Technician, Hill Laboratories
  • 2001-2002 – Instrument Technician, Hill Laboratories

Research Subjects:

  • Groundwater Quality
  • Contaminant Transport and Transformations in the Subsurface

Recent Projects

Latest Publications View All

The influence of unsaturated zone drainage status on denitrification and the redox succession in shallow groundwater

Clague, J.C., Stenger, R., Morgenstern, U. Jan, 2019

Effect of varying flowpath contributions on longitudinal baseflow stream chemistry patterns

Clague, J., Stenger, R., Morgenstern, U. Dec, 2018

Reducing nitrate discharges from artificial drainage with woodchip bioreactors

Rivas, A., Barkle, G., Moorhead, B., Clague, J., Stenger, R. Dec, 2018

Vertical stratification of redox conditions, denitrification and recharge in shallow groundwater on a volcanic hillslope containing relict organic matter

Stenger, R., Clague, J. C., Morgenstern, U., Clough, T. J. May, 2018

Nitrate assimilation capacity of shallow groundwater underlying dairy farms in the Reporoa Basin, NZ

Stenger, R., Clague, J., Moorhead, B., McKelvey, T., Morgenstern, U. Jun, 2017

Denitrification in the shallow groundwater system of a lowland catchment: A laboratory study

Clague J. C., Stenger, R., Clough, T. J. Aug, 2015

Evaluation of the stable isotope signatures of nitrate to detect denitrification in a shallow groundwater system in New Zealand

Clague J .C., Stenger, R., Clough T. J. Apr, 2015