Jin-Hua Li

Jin-Hua Li

Post-Doctoral Research Scientist

BSc, MSc, PhD

Office +64 3 325 3700

Direct +64 3 325 3747

Email jin-hua.li@lincolnagritech.co.nz


Jin-Hua is a molecular plant pathologist with a background in the bio-control of plant fungal and bacterial diseases.

She is from the Gansu Province in China. After attaining her Masters in Agricultural Science from Gansu Agricultural University (GAU), Jin-Hua became a university teacher and was awarded her PhD degree in 2007.

Jin-Hua then moved to Australia and worked at the University of Sydney and CSIRO (Adelaide). In 2012, she moved to New Zealand to work at the Bio-Protection Research Centre at Lincoln University.

Jin-Hua recently joined Lincoln Agritech’s Biotechnology Group as a Post-Doctoral Research Scientist. She will focus on the Group’s MBIE-funded research programme, “Nitrogen-fixing pine trees and grasses” and will sample for and identify fungal-bacterial hybrid endophytes.

Her research interests include:

  • Biocontrol of plant fungal and bacterial diseases, and plant pests
  • Interaction between plant, pathogen and bio-control agents