Ian Platt

Ian Platt

Team Leader, Electromagnetic Sensing

BSc (Hon), PhD (Physics)

Office +64 3 325 3700

Direct +64 3 325 3748

Email ian.platt@lincolnagritech.co.nz



Ian started his scientific career as a theoretical physicist studying the propagation of electromagnetic waves in plasmas; he earned a PhD from La Trobe University Australia. Over the intervening 25 years he has been employed as a researcher in this field by the University of Massachusetts (US), the United States Air Force, Telecom Australia, La Trobe University, UK Ministry of Defence (now QinetiQ) and RLM Systems (a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Tenix). Since joining Lincoln Agritech in 2004, much of his work in electromagnetic propagation has revolved around the development of new sensor devices.

He has particular interests in:

  • Time Domain Reflectometry moisture measurement and imaging
  • Structural sensing using Optical Fibres and Time Domain Reflectometry
  • Radar application to remote sensing
  • Stochastic modelling for use in DSP applications

Research Subjects:

  • Moisture measurement
  • Novel sensors
  • Information processing
  • Optical fibre sensors
  • Measurement and instrumentation

Academic and Professional History:

  • Research Scientist, Lincoln Agritech (current)
  • Physics Lecturer, La Trobe University Melbourne Australia (2004).
  • Research Team Leader, RLM Systems (Tenix and Lockheed Martin), Planning and implementation of the Jindalee OTH Radar coordinate registration system (1994 – 2003).
  • Contract Research Scientist, Ministry of Defence (now Qinetiq), United Kingdom, Design of HF radio communications frequency agile systems (1993 – 1994).
  • Research Associate, University of Massachusetts USA, Atmospheric Research (1987 – 1992).

Recent Projects

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Imaging and Parameterizing Moisture in Road Sub Course Using Time Domain Reflectometry

Platt, I., Woodhead, I., Harrington P., Tan, A.E.C. Apr, 2016

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Effect of Surface Roughness and Vegetation on the Proximal Soil Moisture Sensor

Tan, A.E.C, Richards, S., Platt, I., Woodhead, I. May, 2016

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A Monte Carlo Approach to Determining Bessel Beam Source Parameters

Woodhead, I., Platt, I., Tan, A.E.C, and Eccleston,K. Nov, 2016

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Imaging Using The Transverse Field of a Parallel Transmission Line

Woodhead I., Platt, I, Tan, A. Nov, 2015

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Imaging Using the Transverse Field of a Parallel Transmission Line

Woodhead, I., Platt, I., Tan, A. Nov, 2015

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Small Scatter Elements for Crack Detection - A Preliminary Investigation Using Simulation

Platt, I., Woodhead, I., Hagedorn, M. Dec, 2015

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Nitrogen fertiliser management with zone characterisation in grazed pasture systems

Woodhead, I.M., Platt, I.G., Hagedorn, M. Feb, 2015

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A Dieletric Model for Composite Aterials

Woodhead, I.M., Platt, I.G., and Tan, A.E.C May, 2016

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Polarization control of aperture coupled circular patch antennas

Tan, A.E., Riding, P.A., Eccleston, K.W., Platt, I.G., Woodhead, I.M. Oct, 2016

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Imaging and Parameterizing Moisture in Road Sub Course Using Time Domain Reflectometry

Platt, I.G., Woodhead, I.M., Harrington, P., and Tan, A.E.C. Jun, 2016

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